Training centre


We care about the quality of our drivers’ work and rest, accordingly, we’re constantly looking for solutions to create the best possible working conditions. We make sure that our drivers go on their journeys fully prepared and rested. We invite drivers to visit our modern training and recreation complex in Vilnius, at Minsko plentas.

Driver knowledge test

The cargoGO Driver Training Centre provides periodic knowledge checks for new and experienced drivers, instructs them on safe and cost-effective driving, teaches how to respond in in situations such as traffic accidents and on the whereabouts of the toll system. The training takes place in a dedicated classroom with virtual stands, allowing access to a lot of visual and virtual material during sessions.

Driving lessons

Drivers also grade their qualifications during training drives. For this purpose, the company uses a training truck equipped with the latest technologies for efficient, safe and cost-effective driving, such as PPC system, ACC system and ECO roll system, Lane keeping assistant, FleetBoard telematics and others.

During the driving training, driving with an instructor enables drivers to analyse individual driving patterns, to identify problematic aspects and to equip the driver with the skills and knowledge they might be lacking.

The training is delivered by experienced professionals with an in-depth knowledge of driving and technical characteristics of vehicles, interest in innovation, and ability to improve their knowledge through internal and external training sessions.

Such training helps to minimise transport risks, ensure cargo safety and customer satisfaction, contributes to the well-being and comfort of drivers, reduces fuel consumption and mitigates environmental damage.