1. General provisions

This statement on personal data privacy policy concerning candidates for employment (hereinafter – the Policy) is a comprehensive statement on the handling of personal data of candidates for employment by UAB cargoGO Logistics (hereinafter – the Company). This statement covers what personal data of candidates for employment is collected and handled, what use is made of the information, how long it is kept, what sort of third parties it can be passed on to and who needs to be approached to request deletion of personal data from the Company’s data bases.

This Policy may be amended, supplemented or updated. The current version of the Policy is on the Company’s website: www.cargogo.eu/en/career/

2. What data of yours do we handle and why?

As we conduct our selection procedure and choose applicants to fill job vacancies in the Company, we assess your application and handle your personal data.

The personal data of applicants consists of any information that can be used to identify an individual, including any information about an individual in which he is already identified, including the curriculum vitae (CV), information in the application and the covering letter, and in other documents submitted by the Candidate (e.g. certificates, assessments, references, etc.), which have been given to the Company by the Candidate on his own initiative, or which is obtained during some other part of the employee selection process (e.g. Candidate’s results in practical tests, Candidate’s personal profile assessment data, comments by members of the selection panel or the people recommending the Candidate and communicating the response, his contact details, the contents of the recommendation or responses, etc.). Comment: special categories of personal data (e.g. health information) is gathered and handled only in such cases and to the extent that it is essential when considering candidates for a specific job vacancy and it is permissible under current legislation; information about the health of candidates is gathered and handled as permitted under current legislation when it is need to assess whether a potential employee could really do the job in question, considering his state of health; such special categories of personal data are collected only in the final stages of considering candidates for a specific job vacancy.

We consider the legal basis for handling information to be your consent, which we consider we have received when you submit your CV, application form and/or other documents to the Company or its representatives.

If information about your candidacy and/or your CV, and/or other application documents are received from the Lithuanian Labour Exchange under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour, employment agencies, internet job search portals, social networks for careers (e.g. LinkedIn) and/or other bodies performing a other job search, selection and/or brokerage role, it is presumed that you have receive the necessary information about how your information will be handled, and that you have given your consent for your information to be handled by the relevant service provider, who is also entitled to pass on your data to potential employers (including our Company), which authorises such potential employers to handle your data when doing selection process(es) for job position(s) and assessing you application.

Personal information about you will be gathered from other sources only after receiving your explicit consent.

Your personal information will be handled while applicants are being considered for the position(s) you applied for, but not for longer than 6 months.

At the end of a selection process, if you are not chosen for a position you applied for and the Company has not signed an employment contract with you, all the personal data collected for the purpose will be destroyed in a secure manner, unless you give the Company your consent for your data to be included in the Company’s data base of candidates, as described in §3 of this Policy.

3. Administration of the data base of candidates

If you wish to be included in the Company’s data base of candidates and to get information about future employee recruitment drives and selection processes of the cargoGO group of companies, the Company will be handling the data about candidates specified in §2 in its data base of candidates’ personal information.

If the Company has your voluntary (not obligatory) consent to handle the data you submitted as an applicant, after the selection process the data will be kept not longer than 1 year, except in cases where a different time frame is specified, and there is a legal basis for it. Personal data submitted by applicants may be kept longer than specified in this Policy only when: (i) an investigation is being conducted on the basis of substantiated suspicions of unlawful activity; and/or (ii) a Candidate’s data is needed for suitable mediation of a dispute or complaint; and/or (iii) any other basis specified in legislation. In any case, the Company may keep the consent submitted by an applicant (and proof thereof) for a longer period if it is needed for the Company to defend itself from demands, claims or lawsuits initiated against it.

You are free to withhold consent for your data to be included in the applicants’ data base at the end of the selection process and to be further processed. Furthermore, at any time you may withdraw your consent and ask for your data to be removed from the applicants’ data base. Your withholding of consent for your data to be included in the applicants’ data base or your withdrawal of your consent will not be an obstacle for you to compete for a specific position for which you have applied.

4. From which sources does the Company get your personal information?

Most often the Company gets your personal information directly from you, when you respond to one of the Company’s job advertisements and/or you provide your CV, application form and/or other candidate’s documents (curriculum vitae, covering letter, etc.).

The Company may also get information about your candidature, your CV, application form and/or other candidate’s documents from bodies that provide job search, selection and/or brokerage services, e.g. the Lithuanian Labour Exchange under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour, employment agencies, internet job search portals, and specialised social networks for careers (e.g. LinkedIn).

The Company may also receive certain information about you from third parties, e.g. people who recommend you, and present or past employers. However, such information is only collected when you have given the Company your consent for us to contact the employer and/or other individuals you have named and to receive recommendations or comments about you.

5. What are your rights and how can you take advantage of them?

The right to know which data of yours the Company is handling: you have the right to get confirmation from the Company that it is handling your personal data, and also the right to know which data of yours the Company is handling and information about the purpose of the data handling, the categories of data being handled, the categories of data recipients, the period over which the data will be handled, and the source(s) of the data.

The right to correct information: if there has been a change that supersedes the information you provided to the Company in your application documents, or if you think that the Company has false or incorrect information about you, you have the right to demand that this information be changed, modified or corrected.

The right to withdraw consent: you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time and to demand that the Company cease handling your personal information, which may only be done on the basis of consent.

The right to erase data (the right to be forgotten): if certain data processing conditions specified in legislation are present (such as the data being handled unlawfully, the basis for handling the data having become superseded, etc.), you have the right to request that the Company expunge your personal data.

The right to complain: if you believe that the Company is handling your data in violation of the requirements of data protection legislation, we would ask you to always approach the Company first. If the method of problem resolution proposed by the Company does not satisfy you, or if you are of the opinion that no essential action is being taken in response to your request, you will have the right to appeal to the review body, the State Data Protection Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania.

If you wish to exercise the rights you have, you may send us a written application at the e-mail address [email protected], or you may present it in person or by registered mail to our Data Handling Section at:

UAB cargoGO Logistics
Savanorių pr. 15A, LT-03126 Vilnius, Lithuania

6. How safe is your data?

Bendrovė naudoja įvairias saugumą užtikrinančias technologijas ir procedūras, siekdama apsaugoti Jūsų asmeninę informaciją nuo neteisėtos prieigos, naudojimo ar atskleidimo. The Company uses various technologies and procedures to ensure security, seeking to protect your personal information from unlawful access, use or disclosure. The Company’s suppliers are carefully chosen, and they are required to use appropriate security measures to protect your confidentiality and to ensure the safety of your personal information. Nevertheless, any transmission of information via internet or mobile link is never totally secure; and any transmission of information that you undertake as directed by the Company is done at your own risk.