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Мы продаем тягачи, отвечающие стандарту эмиссии Euro 6: DAF, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Scania, MAN. Производители тягачей – это производители грузовиков самого высокого класса в мире, гарантирующие качество и надежность техники. Мы предоставляем покупателям историю тягачей, дополнительные фотоснимки и иную актуальную информацию. Техника обслуживается и используется ответственно, выполняются все ремонтные работы для поддержания прекрасного технического состояния тягачей.

Средний возраст тягачей – 3 года, также мы делимся всей историей сервисного и технического обслуживания. Можем вам предоставить всю необходимую информацию: записи дорожно-транспортных происшествий, показатели потребления топлива и другую подробную информацию о ремонте и техническом обслуживании транспортного средства.

26 000 € + taxes


Volvo - FH 42T

Registration date 2016-02
Engine 625 HP (460kW)
Gearing type Automatic
Emmision standard Euro 6
Steering wheel position Left
Run 514 000 km
Axle configuration 4×2
New / used Used

Transport operation
Smooth road conditions
Long distance transport cycle
Predominantly flat topography
Ambient temperature up to +40C
Ambient temperature down to 40 degrees C
Basic centre of gravity height, approx. 1.6 metres
Medium dirty roads/surfaces
Gross combination weight 44.0 tonnes
Vehicle width 2600 mm

Driving package FH
El heat&operated main rear view mirrors&wide angle mirrors (both sides). Close view mirr pass side.
Roof hatch Manually operated / Tinted glass / Rear opening
Storage drawer in lower center dash panel
Vinyl armrest upholstery
Two armrests on driver seat
Fully electrically controlled air conditioning with sun sensor
Exterior smoke coloured front sun visor
2 Bed resting package FH
Interior white and red (night) light with smooth light transition at on/off and dimmer
Extra shelf in front upper storage compartments
Luxuary sleeper contr panel (int light, park heat/cool, hatch, lock, alarm clock, window, audio)
Cab parking heater, 2 kW
Height adj. top bunk 700×1900 mm, foldable up to 52 degrees (dep. on cab & upper storage). Net incl.
Rear cab upper storage 154 litres (300 mm high)
Two bottle holders, one under dashboard centre section and one mounted to the under bunk drawer
High power audio system

Rims and Tyres
Tyre region Europe
Steel rims on all axles
Front axle tubeless tyre 315/60R22.5
Drive axle tubeless tyre 295/60R22.5
Without spare wheel with tyre
Jack 12 tonnes
Extended tool kit
Without tyre pressure monitoring
Tyre inflation hose (18 metres)
Tyre pressure gauge

Cab Interior, Driving
Left hand drive
Standard steering wheel material
Mechanically adjustable steering wheel with neck tilt
Without airbag
One day digital tacho, EC approved
Road speed limiter setting 90 km/h, EC
FH: Dash, st.wheel cov&door pan greyish brown. FH16: Dash greyish brown, st.wh.cov&door pan black.
Cruise control I Cruise with controls in the steering wheel, I Roll incl. Adding TP FUEC3/ HD3=I See
Electronic Stability Program (ESP) package 1
Forward collision warning (stationary and moving objects) with emergency braking
Lane keeping support lane departure warning system
Without Lane Change Support
Without Driver Alert Support (without drowsy driver warning)
Without wiper rain sensor
Without burglar alarm
Without alcolock
Dashboard integrated 7 inch colour information display, 800 x 480 pixels / 153(W) x 92(H) mm
Electrical window lift, auto up/down driver side
Side interior sun visor on both sides
Manual textile interior sun visor (roller blind) integrated in front shelf
One open storage and one drawer (behind push open lid) in upper part of dash panel center section
Two extra DIN slots in front shelf (push/pull storage)
Without back up alarm
Preparation kit for road toll collect (GPS/GSM antenna and cables)
Load indicator with dashboard display
Fire extinguisher 3 kg, Swedish/English decal
Warning vest
Two warning triangles
First aid kit
Without portable warning lamp
Without inspection lamp
Bulb and fuse kit
Lithuanian publication language
English/German text on decals/signs
Driver information first optional language Lithuanian
Driver information second optional language Russian
Writing pad
Vehicle assistance service enabled, with voice channel

Cab exterior
Total vehicle height max. 4.0 metres
Basic exterior finish in a lightning grey colour of mirror housings, insteps and bumper.
Cab colour solid Signal White (NCS 0501 G21Y) / Solid clear coat = 7110WHIT
Tinted windows
Tempered door glass
Central door locking with remote control
Plastic front bumper
Front underrun protection
Radiator screen / Mosquito net in front of radiator
Manual cab tilt pump
Mechanical front cab suspension
Mechanical rear cab suspension
Lockable front lid
Front close view mirror above windscreen on passenger side (radius 200 mm)
Roof air deflector. Design aut. calc., varies dep. on vehicle tot. height (chassis, cab, tyres etc).
Long cab side air deflector
Halogen H7 head lamps
Without headlamp cleaner
Without automatic headlamp switching
Without headlamp adjustment
V shaped (“V light”) day running light (LED)
Two auxiliary front driving lamps
White front fog lamps
Without spot lamps in sign box
Without roof mounted beacon warning lamp
Two front cab roof pass throughs, one on each side
Without spotlamp preparation
Without illuminated roof sign
Without cab sign decal. Black area on FH high/xhigh cabs. White area on FM high cabs.
One front mounted (behind grille) single tone air horn, Jericho
Roof mounted antenna for CB radio, single aerial
Without roof mounted accessory bracket
Without storage compartment under cab
Mounted emblems
Emission emblems
L sign in front (noise level 80dB)

Whole Vehicle Type Approved

Core components
FH Globetrotter sleeper cab
Wheelbase 3800 mm
Euro 6 emission level with SCR, particulate filter and EGR
Emission level Euro 6
Diesel engine, 13 litre Euro 6 SCR + EGR (Diesel Particulate Filter), 460 hp, 2300 Nm
Volvo Engine Brake, VEB+ (high efficiency compression brake with exhaust pressure governor, EPG)
I Shift automated mechanical 12 speed gearbox without clutch pedal, 2600 Nm, GCW 60000 kg
Rear single reduction solo axle axle load 13 tonnes, GCW 56 tonnes
Rear axle ratio 2.50

Diesel fuel
Front air suspension
Front axle load 7.1 tonnes
Front stabilizer with normal stiffness
Rear axle load 11.5 tonnes
Rear stiff stabilizer
Air suspension with 3 driving levels
Power steering pump with fixed displacement
Disc brakes with solid discs
EBS (Electronic Brake System) medium package
Two extra parking brake chambers
Frame rail section external height 266 mm
Frame section thickness web 7.0 mm / flange 7.0 mm
Battery box on left hand side
Batteries 2×225 Ah
Standard batteries
Battery voltage, ampere and battery status gauge with visual alerts
Battery reconditioner
Without ADR adaptation
Without ADR classification
Chassis main switch battery box placed toggle switch citcuit shut down
Right 475 litre aluminium 560 mm high D shaped diesel tank
Left 505 litre aluminium 560 mm high D shaped diesel tank
Fuel tank with basic ground clearance
AdBlue tank behind/under cab on right hand side
AdBlue tank usable volume 65 litres
Lockable diesel and AdBlue tank caps
Fuel filling anti spillage device
Horizontal muffler, rear exhaust outlet
2 foldable wheel chocks
Wheel chock(s) in the front part of the vehicle
Side and rear marker lights
Rear frame length 825 mm from 1st drive axle
One front towing device
2×7 pol (24N+24S) electrical trailer connectors (UADR)
Trailer brake connection, Europan Community
Trailer connection bracket (steel arch) mounted back of cab
Stationary trailer brake control
Mudflaps with anti spray on all front axle fenders
Rear 3 piece fenders with anti spray function (all rear axles)
Optimal fender installation (rear and 2nd front axle)
Rear mudflaps with anti spray on all rear axle fenders
Steel air tanks
LED tail lamps
Emergency brake light

Powertrain equipment
I shift lever gear selector
I shift Long Haul&Fuel Econ+ gear chg sw prep/GPS (centr stored road mem,I See)/5year prepaid subscr
I shift basic gear shifting without kickdown
Basic I shift application software
Basic I shift PTO functions
Single plate clutch, plate diameter 430 mm
Basic performance cooler for manual/I Shift gearboxes water/oil
Dual cylinder air compressor 760 cc / 1100 l/min
Without clutchable air compressor
High air intake
Air cleaner with one filter element
Alternator 150 Ampere
EC external noise requirement 80 dB(A)
Closed crankcase ventilation with oil separator and a maintenance free gas centrifuge
Basic gearbox application
Manual priming pump
Hot fuel recirculation heated fuel filter
Engine start pre heating element
Plastic oil sump

Cab Interior, Living
Seat with black textile insert/textile bolster, red vinyl side insert & grey textile interior trim
Driver seat, comf, susp, belt
Black safety belts, passenger and driver seats
Without driver seat belt pretensioner
Passenger seat, regular, suspended
Without passenger seat belt pretensioner
Steel instep grab handle
Two black rubber floor mats
Lower fixed bunk, foldable 55 degrees 2000×815/740/660 mm (middle/head/feet). Safety net included.
Mattress lower bunk firm, pocket springs, 2000x700x160 mm
Overlay mattress protector, 20 mm thick black textile
Lower bunk safety net
Without cab parking cooler
Without safety box
Two storage drawers under bunk, totally 130 litres
Without foldable table
33 litre under bunk mounted refrigerator with freezer and deviders
Without microwave equipment
Without coffee maker
Two flexible reading lamps (snake lamps)
Vanity mirror in front shelf
Without TV mounting preparation kit
One extra layer of cab insulation

Fifth wheel mounting on 8 mm Volvo L profiles
Fifth wheel leg height 160 mm
Jost JSK 42 cast iron fixed fifth wheel
Basic fifth wheel maintenance
King pin size 50 mm (2 inches)
Fifth wheel (king pin) position 625 mm before centre of first drive axle
Without trailer connection indication
Without sliding members/protection members
Basic rear deck (one plate between frame rails and one over left fuel tank or left battery box)
Trailer arch working lamp with white lens and LED/70W bulb
Body builder electrical centre without body builder module
Trailer detection with LED sensor

Telematics gateway with 3G modem and WLAN
Without Driver Service Platform
Without Dynafleet Fuel & Environment service, 1 year
Without Dynafleet Driver Times service
Without Dynafleet Positioning service
Without Dynafleet Positioning+ service
Without Dynafleet Messaging service
Without Fuel Advice
Assistance switch and microphone, Volvo Action Service (VAS)
Fleet Management System gateway, preparation kit

18 400 € + taxes


Mercedes-Benz Actros


18 700 € + taxes


Mercedes-Benz Actros


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