Cargo delivery throughout Europe

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    With a focus on efficiency and technology, cargoGO
    is creating a strong network within the logistics chain.

    years experience
    satisfied customers


    At cargoGO, we understand that logistics is the backbone of any successful business, and we are committed to helping our clients achieve business growth through efficient and reliable supply chain management, by providing high-quality services:

    • Full Truck Loads (FTL)
    • Dedicated Fleet

    Our service benefits

    • tautliners, swap body, frigo trailers
    • single and double driver crews on the truck
    • XL-certified tautliner trailers
    • ADR
    • waste licenses
    • tablet in each truck for fast document scanning

    WHY cargoGO ?

    Team of experts

    Our team of flexible and experienced professionals consists of young, motivated, and ambitious people who strive to surpass yesterday’s performance every day, both as part of a team and individually.

    Modern vehicle fleet

    cargoGO constantly invests in quality vehicles and their maintenance. Our fleet of all new trucks, younger than 2 years old, meets the Euro 6 emission standard for efficient, safe and economical driving.

    Strong Network

    Over the decades operating in Europe cargoGO has been building long-term relationships with trusted partners and suppliers. A reliable network is essential to deliver goods as promised for more than 1000 of our clients.

    Quick solutions

    In a fast changing world, we are here to adapt to clients needs and market conditions, reacting quickly, and making fast decisions. This ensures flexibility and prompt cooperation with clients and partners.

    Availability 24/7

    We are located where our clients are, ensuring time-sensitive communication by being available to communicate at all times. Thanks to the on-call staff, we react to unforeseen situations even after business hours and during public holidays, your cargo must go.


    Innovation is the driving force behind the entire logistics sector, and only through improvement and digitization can we ensure cost savings, improved efficiency and overall customer satisfaction to meet the growing expectations of our clients.


    cargoGO is a digital logistics company using digital technologies and a data-driven approach to improve efficiency, provide better service to customers, and stay competitive.

    Real time tracking

    We provide our customers with a remote tracking tool where you can see your actual truck in real time.

    Automated operations

    Our business management system is optimally automated to ensure no human error or delays in sharing technical information.

    Telematic planning system

    We manage our ever-growing fleet of trucks with a smart telematics system, that allows us to remotely set up loading and unloading points, track efficiency and plan transportation.

    Reducing co2

    We reduce the number of empty kilometres by using artificial intelligence solutions. With the ECO Drive app for economical and safe driving, we reduce CO2 emissions and drivers can follow their progress for even better performance.


    Using digital technologies ensure information flow, transparency and trust. Our exclusive automatic drivers payroll system became a competitive advantage for cargoGO as a trustworthy and desirable employer.

    We are constantly investing in digitalization and we don't intend to stop because it helps us stay ahead of the game in Europe’s logistics sector.



    “Focus, respect, trust, positive company culture and ambition for growth – this is driving cargoGO to becoming the most desirable employer for office colleagues and every driver.”

    Osvaldas Švitra
    Chief Executive Officer