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Become the driver of one of the fastest growing logistics companies working in Europe.

cargoGO is an intensively expanding logistics company that is sharing its success with driver teams. We focus on constantly improving driver’s working conditions, ensuring they drive the newest trucks, receive comprehensive assistance and get the benefit package and respect they deserve for being the core of a logistics company.

Pranas Pernaravičius
Chief Drivers Officer


Motivating salary and benefits

Training and recreation centre for drivers

Assistance of management

Respect and attention

Good working conditions

Smooth coordination of work

Clear motivational system

90% of drivers recommend us to others

60% of drivers have more than 5 years experience

Average age driver is 37 years


We care about the quality of our drivers’ work and rest, so we are always looking for solutions to create the best possible working conditions. We ensure that drivers are well prepared and full of energy for their trips. Drivers are invited to visit the modern training and recreation complex located in Vilnius, Minsko plentas.

Training Centre

cargoGO driver’s training centre periodically examines and improves the knowledge of newly recruited and working drivers. During training drivers are instructed on safe and economical driving, how the road toll system works or how to deal with an accident. The training takes place in a dedicated auditorium with virtual stands, a great deal of visual material is used during the classes to improve the learning experience.


The cargoGO hotel has 30 beds, adapted to the needs of drivers, where they can stay overnight and relax. The spacious two-bed and four-bed rooms are equipped with air conditioning, comfortable showers and quality mattresses for the convenience of our colleagues. These are available not only before the switches, but also during training time, as the training hall is located in the same hotel building. All cargoGO drivers get favourable discounts.

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We strive to be an exceptionally good employer in the market, which is why we are constantly improving working conditions for our drivers:

  • we pay from the first day when drivers leave the base;
  • we always pay on fixed dates of the month;
  • we have a great bonus system for drivers to earn even more;
  • we compensate for hotels;
  • we give our drivers the opportunity to choose their work schedules;

Anna Voronecka
Head of Drivers Management Department