The rapidly growing international haulage company in Lithuania – a group of companies operating on behalf of cargoGO – complemented its fleet with 100 new Volvo FH trucks and continues to strengthen its position in Lithuania and Europe in 2020.

With more than 20 years of experience, today the cargoGO group of companies has created more than 950 jobs and operates a fleet of more than 350 trucks and 280 trailers. In 2020, as part of a significant expansion of the fleet and the entire group of companies, cargoGO acquired 100 Volvo FH trucks for local and international freight transport in Europe and is satisfied with the results achieved.

“We are a rapidly growing international transportation company. Our priorities are to be a leading logistics company that uses the latest technologies in its operations, in addition to being a reliable partner and an attractive employer,” says Osvaldas Švitra, CEO of cargoGO

At the end of 2020, Volvo Trucks Lietuva cargoGO ordered Volvo FH trucks with automated I-Shift gearboxes and the most efficient Volvo Trucks 460 hp engines with I-Save technology.

Nerijus Šivickas, Head of Fleet Department of cargoGO, is pleased with the new vehicles in the company’s fleet and says that the decision to purchase this model of trucks has paid off indeed.

I-Shift gearbox with optimised software adapted for long-distance routes helps to save fuel. Gears are shifted exactly when you need it, allowing the engine to run within the most cost-effective speed range. Volvo FH trucks reduce fuel consumption by up to 7% and feature higher torque in the low speed range due to the Turbo Compound technology. Excess heat and fuel are utilised to provide additional energy to the engine through an additional turbine in the exhaust manifold. I-Cruise with I-Roll – the new, energy-efficient rear axles, idle engine shut-off and the new Ad blue system using truck inertia instead of fuel allow to reduce Ad blue costs up to 40%.

“As an innovative company, it is very important for us to deliver cargo to customers in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way, and it is these trucks that allow us to travel longer distances with less fuel and function more profitably,” comments Nerijus Šivickas. The company’s representative, naming the main advantages of these trucks, reaffirms that the acquisition of these trucks was an important strategic and quality bits step in response to the fundamental needs of customers and delivery of cargo with less footprint on the environment.

Nicholas Kjaer, CEO of Volvo Trucks Lietuva, welcomes the opportunities to cooperate with companies such as cargoGO. He says it is a successful and modern logistics company in the process of intensive development. We are proud of such partnerships, which allows us to contribute to the development of modern business.

Such partnerships create the image of an attractive and reliable employer, ensure a favourable position for successful development and fuel the achievement of the main vision of the organisation – becoming a leading logistics company that can evolve even in difficult times on the market.