Today, the international transport sector is changing rapidly, driven by cutting-edge IT, and freight companies that evolve and adapt as they embrace innovation are becoming industry leaders. cargoGO is one such organisation, with a core strategy of digitising processes and using state-of-the-art technology in our daily operations.  

According to Osvaldas Švitra, Executive Director of cargoGO, the ambition to be a flagship logistics company starts from the viewpoint that innovation is the driving force of the entire logistics sector, and only by innovating and digitising processes can we remain competitive, and even become a leader as we meet the evolving expectations of our customers.  

As a company providing international transport and forwarding services in Western Europe, our priority is to be customer-oriented and to provide professional, high-quality services, considering our customers’ needs and expectations. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine efficient, advanced cargo delivery without smart technologies, which is why all cargoGO lorries are equipped with modern on-board devices, which significantly simplify the drivers’ work while providing customers with professional services, quality and fast cargo delivery. For years, cargoGO has used LocTracker, an application that makes it possible to monitor all lorries and cargo statuses; plan routes; forward tasks to drivers; monitor driver progress, rest times, and fuel consumption; fill in travel documents; and analyse driving characteristics and the vehicle load. These tools help us ensure the safety and efficiency of each lorry, load and driver.  

LocTracker advantages:  

– Real-time cargo tracking 

– Route planning and assignment dispatch  

– Generation of travel forms  

– Driver time tracking and monitoring  

‘Given the flexibility of the system, we are achieving more significant accomplishments and constantly adding new features and options. This makes the company’s daily processes more efficient, eliminates complicated, inefficient steps, reduces operating costs, provides quality services and places us as an international leader in the industry,’ explained Švitra. 

Quick response times when issues arise and prompt problem solving capacities are key to providing advanced services and—thanks to state-of-the-art apps—we can monitor and efficiently manage the entire fleet, reduce fuel costs, increase employee efficiency, and streamline the planning and management of human resources. That way, we ensure and guarantee the highest-quality service possible to our customers, whose trust is the foundation of our success, even in a difficult market, and to be attractive and in-demand in the logistics sector.