cargoGO is rapidly growing and socially responsible logistic company, with the modern truck fleet as its key priority. As technologies develop, the driving vehicles develop too, and logistic companies must adapt to change.

Latest trucks are more economically efficient and technologically advanced. They are characterized by lower fuel consumption and equipped with different applications that make driving safer and more comfortable. The latest trend in logistics is the use of environmentally friendly vehicles. Gas-powered trucks, introduced recently to the market, are characterized by lower CO2 emission. Some states encourage use of gas-powered trucks by exempting them from the road tolls.

Recently, multiple international agreements to reduce carbon emission and promote clean transport have been achieved. Today, even the industries considered as conservative, such as shipping, aviation, and logistics, take social responsibility and use environmentally friendly vehicles.

cargoGO follows the highest standards of logistics and renews its truck fleet accordingly. Company’s truck fleet is composed of new, economically efficient, and environmentally friendly vehicles.

Among these, there are Volvo FH trucks with the unique system “I save”, which helps to reduce fuel consumption by 7 percent and enables smooth, easy driving. Other applications, such as ”I shift” and “I see”, allow to switch gears at optimal moment and to choose most appropriate driving regime based on the road data. Significant part of cargoGO fleet is composed of DAF XF480 FT. These trucks are equipped with the “DAF connect”, a platform which provides real-time insights on location and performance of the vehicle.

Recently, cargoGO took gas-powered Scania R410 A4x2 truck, known for low fuel consumption and reduced carbon emission, for trial driving. Currently, the company is negotiating purchase of new trucks from Mercedes-Benz.

cargoGO aims to follow the highest standards in logistics. It observes the latest trends in environmental regulations, technological innovations, infrastructural developments and optimizes company’s truck fleet accordingly.