cargoGO invests 3,8 mln Eur and opens new modern driver training and accommodation center.

Company‘s priority – drivers‘ work and rest quality

The new training and accommodation center is meant to assure that company’s drivers are well rested and well trained. Here, one will find well equipped teaching rooms, and demo trucks will be available right there at the local parking lot. Motel and restaurant services, as well as Spa area with Sauna and swimming pool will be offered. Parking lot will accept personal cars for long term parking.

In the center – teaching facilities for improving driving qualifications

As technologies develop, the vehicles develop too, and drivers need to improve their qualifications on continuous basis. One of latest novelties on the market are gas powered trucks, characterized both by economic efficiency and low carbon emission.

cargoGO has already taken LNG (Liquefied natural gas) powered truck for trial driving. As exploitation of LGN powered trucks is different from traditional diesel vehicles, drivers need to obtain extra qualifications. The drivers are also expected to gain skills in eco driving, a way of driving that is both economically efficient and environmentally friendly.

Expected opening – in September

In Spring 2020, cargoGO received credit from Citadele bank for construction of the center and purchased the 7,000 m2 premises on Minsko road in Vilnius. The center, which is now under construction now, is expected to be open for visitors in September.

Center’s teaching facilities are designed exclusively for cargoGO drivers, whereas motel and restaurants will be open for everyone.