cargoGO takes LNG (Liquefied natural gas) powered Scania R410 A4x2 for 6-week trial driving.

LNG powered trucks are known to be more economically efficient and more environmentally friendly than standard diesel vehicles. They are more expensive, yet exploitation costs are significantly lower. LNG powered trucks are characterized by lower CO2 emission, so they are allowed access the city centers and other locations, where standard diesel trucks are not allowed. It is believed, the LNG powered trucks have lower engine noise, so the night driving will not be limited. In Germany, LNG powered trucks are exempted from road toll.

Scania LNG powered trucks have been introduced to the market in 2018 only, so the major problem remains the poorly developed refueling and maintenance infrastructure.

Customers and experts’ opinions on LNG powered trucks remain varying. cargoGo decides to take LNG powered Scania truck for 6-week trial driving and to form their own experience-based opinion. Purchase of LNG powered trucks will be considered afterwards.