The prevailing digitalisation trends are bringing change to the entire logistics sector, and in response, organisations cannot stagnate, they must move forward and improve. Increasing competition in the market, is driving the search for new solutions and the digitisation of processes. It is noted that organisations investing in digital technologies are moving to the forefront and gaining a strong competitive advantage. cargoGO is no exception – the organisation has been engaged in intensive digitisation of its daily processes for some time now. This is a continuous improvement of processes by introducing the latest technologies, reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.

cargoGO strives to become a modern and up-to-date organisation, innovating and digitising the company’s daily processes. The slogan cargoGO – DIGITAL LOGISTICS perfectly reflects the organisation’s modern approach and strategy, along with its ambition to become a leading logistics company.

Osvaldas Švitra, Executive Director of cargoGO, says that a modern organisation is inseparable from the digitisation of modern technologies and processes. This allows businesses to grow much faster, to process large flows of information more efficiently, to facilitate decision-making, to abandon repetitive work and address challenges more effectively.

The digitisation of processes in all departments is currently underway in the organisation. It is particularly important to demonstrate to employees the change in results after digitising company processes. According to Gabrielė Beržonskytė, Head of HR, the organisation cannot change on its own, it is the people who work here who have to change first and thus, the key aspect in digitising processes is changing the work habits of employees. Only by highlighting the benefits of digitalisation to employees has it yielded significant results – employees’ notice that they no longer have to perform a lot of manual tasks, but rather use that time for strategic thinking and quality customer service.

Involving employees in the digitisation process has paid off. The organisation encourages employees to generate new ideas on how they can perform their daily work easier and more efficiently across the organisation. A lot of untapped potential was discovered allowing the organisation to improve and to be among the leaders.

The digitisation of daily processes is essential for building a model and innovative organisation. cargoGO’s experience shows that it has reduced time and operational costs, eliminated the need for employees to perform a large number of technically demanding and no-value-adding tasks, and made operations much more efficient. These principles lead to a customer-focused organisation that secures a competitive advantage in the market.