Asta is a fourth year student of Italian Philology at Vilnius University.

As soon as she sent her CV, Asta received an offer from our side.

“While studying Italian, I wanted to expand my career and get out of my comfort zone, so I wanted to apply the knowledge I learned during my studies to the transport sector. I believe that logistics plays a big role in today’s global economy, generating economic growth in our country. It was very important to get acquainted with the company’s activities, basics of logistics and communication during the internship. The main task for me was to find new companies and maintain contacts with potential clients in Italy. The practice was extremely rewarding and I was able to improve the language skills by communicating with Italian companies. Also, I got to know not only the activities of the expedition department, but also the departments of transport, accounting, transport accounting, communication, human resources department, which made me realized that all departments are important and related to the expansion of the company. I highly recommend recent year students whose want to become familiar with the logistics industry to take the opportunity to do an internship at cargoGO, ”- says Asta.

Asta also comments her decision to choose our company:

“When I was looking for a company where I could do internship, very important criterions were growth of organization, values ​​ and the ability to adapt and improve Italian language. All these things were found at cargoGO. The entire structure of organisation is based on values ​​such as professionalism, reliability, responsibility, and striving for the best and most effective result. It is great that the employees are extremely motivated and you can feel the importance of teamwork to ensure the growth of the company and the employees. During the internship, from the very first days, I felt as a part of the company and all my questions were answered. This experience has enabled me, as a young person, to understand the importance of finding the right company where the employee is valued, encouraged and thrived. I think cargoGO this type of organisation. ”

We are pleased to be able to contribute to the integration of young people into the logistics sector and to attract talented young people. We really appreciate Asta’s decision to choose us.